The 'us' of Christmas Pie Crafts, is me, Jill Spain.   I have been designing and creating beautiful handmade items for several years.   I have always been very practical - happy to tackle decorating, soft furnishings, digging ponds, laying patios and gardening - moving into creating beautiful gift items seemed a natural path to follow and a lot easier than digging a pond.  The first thing I produced was a pillow-case while at school - because it looked a little boring I embroidered a fancy pattern on the edge.  I have always felt that a little sparkle needs to be added to make something extra special.


Why is my business called Christmas Pie Crafts?   I live in Christmas Pie, which is in Normandy, Surrey and it just seemed an ideal name for my business and it is a great conversation opener.  The name Christmas Pie comes from property owned by a prominent local family named Christmas.  There are many references to this family in  Court records which date back to 1513 in the reign of King Henry VIII. Christmas's are often noted as serving as members of the Homage which was the Jury of the Court. The "Pie" part of the name comes from the Saxon term "pightel" or "pightle" meaning a small piece of arable land. 

Up to 31 December 2017, I was also A Fair to Remember.  I organised craft fairs, mainly in Godalming, and during the four years I wore this particular hat, I was lucky to meet an amazing number of very talented people from card-makers to cushion-designers, jewellery-makers to jumper-knitters.  Event organisation is hard work and very challenging and I felt I had neglected my craft business and made the decision to concentrate on that and said farewell to event organisation.

Jill Spain


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